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Wealth Management

Premier Financial Partners offers access to a broad range of wealth management services, including:

Retirement Planning

Your retirement, a critical financial planning issue, requires you to make some important decisions. During your working years those decisions center around accumulating assets in your retirement plans. As you approach retirement, however, your emphasis will shift to making the most of those assets. And throughout your retirement years, adjustments may be needed for rebalancing, reallocating and transferring your assets.

There are a variety of ways that you can fund your retirement and, in retirement, keep those funds working for you. Premier Financial Partners can help you determine how to pursue your goals with a process that includes effective retirement distribution planning and the ongoing management of your assets.

Estate Planning

Estate planning includes all of your assets – how you accumulate and save them, as well as strategies for lowering overall risk and passing them on to those you choose. The purpose of your estate plan is to distribute the property you have accumulated over a lifetime exactly as you wish. Your goals may include: ensuring that you have a sound retirement program, providing for your surviving family, or supporting the continued work of charitable causes. Other issues may involve sensitive family dynamics, trust planning or the equitable transfer of a family business. Our consultative approach helps ensure that the human factors are as important as protecting your estate from unnecessary taxes.

Philanthropic Giving

With all of the personal and financial rewards charitable giving offers, including tax incentives, it can be an important part of your estate plan. With careful planning, your gifts can allow you to support the causes and organizations that are important to you, while protecting your family and heirs at the same time. We have the experience to help you design a plan that provides for all of your unique goals in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

Executive Benefit Planning

We offer executive benefit planning as an important consideration for business owners and corporate executives. This planning can involve several innovative strategies. The benefit to you includes designing supplemental executive retirement plans offered by an employer or helping you to time the exercise of your stock options in order to help reduce the impact of income taxes and help increase your potential return on investment. We also will help you create asset accumulation plans that can provide significant post-retirement coverage.

529 College Savings Plans*

529 plans are revolutionizing the way parents and grandparents save for college, similar to the way 401(k) plans revolutionized retirement savings. Americans are pouring billions of dollars into 529 plans, and contributions are expected to increase dramatically in the coming decade. We can help create a dynamic, growth oriented plan to save for your child's school tuition costs.

*Note: Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, fees, and expenses associated with 529 plans before investing. More information about 529 plans is available in each issuer's official statement, which should be read carefully before investing. Also, before investing, consider whether your state offers a 529 plan that provides residents with favorable state tax benefits.

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